Meet Relly.

Marketing Made Easy.

Get measurable results with easy-to-use marketing plans at a fraction of the cost. Build your brand voice, identify your customer, create great content, and generate marketing plans that convert to sales with help from dedicated marketing success agents from just one platform.

How it works

Increase your bottom line
without wasting time.

You don’t have time to scour the web looking for marketing tools and advice. Relly provides what you need in one convenient place. (Did you see that? What you need. We don’t focus on how to do all things, just the right things. Saving you time, money, and headaches.)

Google search results for
“marketing help”.


Time wasted on
ineffective marketing.


Who can’t afford to
waste time.


What you get with Relly.

For one low monthly price, you get online courses that teach you the basics of successful marketing, plus expert advice from seasoned professionals and plug-and-play tools like done-for-you content creation ideas and social prompts relevant to your industry.
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Marketing resources and
educational tools.



Expert advice from professionals
who have been there.



The fastest way to create
engaging content.

What Relly Costs.

Can you put a price on priceless marketing know-how? Actually, you can. And it starts at less than the cost of two lattes per month. (Good lattes. Not that tasteless discount stuff.)

Who uses Relly?

Facebook overload.

Jim’s a business owner with plenty on his plate. He doesn’t have time to decipher the ins-and-outs of Facebook. Luckily, Relly gives him ready-to-use content customized to his industry. Problem solved. Followers gained.

Branding: more than beauty.

Danette has a great logo. But smart branding is more than a pretty design. With Relly, she learned how to build a brand for her new salon beyond the beauty mark on the door.

Start here.

Ed knows exactly what to do when a customer calls, but he had no idea where to start when marketing his insurance agency. With Relly, he learned how to make an effective plan to boost his business.

Talk it out.

Jen has promotional ideas but needs a little guidance. Are they good ideas? What should she do to execute them? A one-on-one call with her Relly Marketing Success Manager helps her decide.


After a Relly tutorial on Search Engine Optimization, the light came on for Dave. Now he knows what to do to get his website noticed when prospects come Googling.

What’s a “Relly?”

Besides just being a fun word, “Relly” is short for what Jaq, the mouse, calls Cinderella. Just like Jaq was always there to help “Cinderelly,” we’re here to help you. Cinderella was transformed. Your business can be, too.

What else do you want to know about us?

Why we created Relly and what we believe?
Who are the leaders behind the brand?
Who are the experts here to help you?
This is the place.