Why’d we do this?

The question is, why hasn’t someone else?
We focus on ONE thing: helping you grow your business with self-guided & marketing expert-supported services with upfront pricing.

Oh, and it may sound lofty, but we really do like the fact that we’re helping you build sustainable skills that will truly improve you business and, ultimately, your life.

Meet the team.

Relly relies on countless experts to pass on marketing knowledge, coach up our members, and provide real, practical value every day. But it all started as an “a-ha” with our founder, Maria, who put the team together to make it happen.

Maria Grimm

Maria Grimm

Maria’s bio needs more space. Not only was Relly her brainchild, she once got Snoop Dogg to do an intimate show at a Restaurant/Bar for a few hundred folks (pulling it off in just three weeks, including logistics, sponsorships, ticket sales, community outreach, and media relations). Monster trucks are her guilty pleasure. And she once went undercover as a homeless person, living on the streets and in a shelter to better understand that community, their needs, their life, and hardships so she could better serve them. So, yeah.

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Chris Barricks

Chris Barricks

Sure, he climbed from unpaid mailroom intern to the youngest VP/Creative Director at a $250+ million agency. Yes, he helped create and lead an agency within ESPN’s largest independent program producer. But ask him to brag about his achievements and you’ll hear about something a little less corporate (yet just as demanding): adopting two beautiful daughters.

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Justin Johnson

Justin Johnson

Justin still holds all the passing completion, yardage and TD records at his high school (going on 25 years now). But he’s not all about the past (even though it does include a grand-champion pig named Leroy and an Under Armor campaign with Steph Curry). Here and now, Justin is passionate about volunteering in his community, coaching youth sports, and helping startups and entrepreneurs craft their brand stories.

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Jeff Barnes

Jeff Barnes

Jeff’s a music connoisseur (he has 700+ albums, all vinyl). He’s nuts about drumming and has been playing since the late 70’s. And Star Wars actor Mark Hamill thought Jeff’s hand-built R2 unit was so cool, he signed it. But Jeff’s not all play and no work. He transitioned from print to web design in the late 90’s, and has never looked back.

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Learn from the best.

Relly networks with professionals across the country and across disciplines in order to provide you tips and insights from industry experts who “walk the walk.” Here’s a sampling:

Amy Littleton

KemperLesnik, Public Relations

Natalie Cagle

Corning Gorilla Glass, Digital Marketing

Tony Li

The Tony Li Project, Photography

Martha Bitar

Flodesk, Email Marketing

Sean Lorton

No Box Studios, Video

Becca Cowles

Brief Media, Marketing Strategy

Ben Sailer

Wordpress.com, Content Marketing

Big brand experience, helping you.

Relly’s founders and experts have worked with some of the world’s most recognized brands. Here are a few:

Who else can we help?

In building Relly, we got very excited about helping small businesses and teams (see our lofty thoughts above). But you know what else we’re excited about? Making a difference. Giving back. Paying it forward. You get the idea. That’s why we give 10% of our profits every quarter to charities that are important to our members. Yes, really.

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