Marketing made easy.

Relly is a Marketing Resource Provider that supports small businesses and early-stage startups through e-learning courses, content templates, access to marketing experts and more.

Why’d we do this?


Nearly 50% of new small businesses fail within the first five years. 1


Nearly 42 percent of them fail because of a lack of market demand. 2


96 percent of small businesses use social media in their “marketing strategy.” 3

Why Choose Relly?​

1:1 marketing support:

Experienced marketing help where you want it, when you need it

Caption templates:

Create a social media post in minutes. In our social library, get access to our done-for-you caption or story templates for easy editing and posting.

Courses, ebooks and more:

Enhance your marketing skills with our expert-led, online video tutorials. Learn strategy, SEO, social, copywriting, and more skills to achieve your sales goals.


Join live or recorded webinars hosted by our network of experts as they share from years of experience on topics that will help you move the needle forward.

Virtual Office Hours:

Google your question is a thing of the past. Join our live Q&A sessions with fellow Relly members and get relevant answers specific to your questions. 

Marketing Plan Generator:

Relly’s marketing plan generator creates a custom marketing plan for your business. Telling you what to do. When to do it. And why.